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Photo Credit : Jim McKenzie

Photo Credit : Jim McKenzie

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www.theglobaldigital.com        Enchanting Taos      Taos, New Mexico

  Taos, New Mexico is rich in Indian history dating back over 1,000 years.

You will see the influence everywhere you look. What brings you to Taos may

keep you there. It is perhaps one of the last frontiers in America, rugged, nostalgic,

yet still embracing the new.

Home to many well known artists, authors, and celebrities it's no wonder so many

talented individuals chose Taos as their home. There are many points of interest and

the locals are more than willing to assist you in discovering what Taos has to offer.

Taos is approximately 70 miles from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There is a good choice of accommodations ranging from the affordable to the luxurious.