Photo Credit : Dave Pape                                      Duart Castle              

Photo Credit : Paul Stevenson           Eilean Donan Castle-As Seen In The Movie Highlander                   

Photo Credit : Brian Forbes                                      Bishop Hill

Photo Credit : Phillip Capper              Gribun, Mull  Scotland

Photo Credit : Mari Smith                                     Edinburgh, Scotland                                          

Photo Credit : Jay Galvin                               Royal Regiment Of Scotland  

Photo Credit : Lyn Gateley              Holyrood Palace

Photo Credit : Jay Galvin                                       High Street-Royal Mile                                           

Photo Credit : Jeremy Keith         Lewis Chessmen -Royal Museum Scotland

Photo Credit : Worawit Suphamungmee        William Wallace Monument      Scenic Scotland

Scotland a glimpse into the past as well as a modern evolution.

There are many castles in Scotland, the exact number can be different

depending on who you ask, but there are a lot. Many of the castles were 

originally built to protect clans or families from invaders and were also

used to entertain. Probably the two most famous castles are Eilean Doran

Castle and Edinburgh Castle. Both are open to the public and are a must

see on any visit to Scotland. Dining in Scotland will offer many local favorites

including an abundance of fresh seafood featuring delicious lobster and 

various lamb entrees. Summertime is considered by many to be the best time

to visit Scotland. Daytime temperatures are usually in the 65-75 degree range,

in the summertime, and there is wet weather as well. Packing warm clothing 

and an umbrella are recommended. People in Scotland are friendly and tend to

be very proud of their heritage.

                Points Of Interest Include

National Museum Of Scotland

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Rosslyn Chappel

Kelvingrove Museum

Golf- Scotland is the home of Golf and offers some of the best courses in the world.