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Photo Credit : Maggie W.

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 The act of trick or treating dates back to medieval

times when the poor went door-to-door on Hallowmas

and received food in exchange for prayers for the dead.

It was not until the 1930's, that Halloween costumes and 

trick-or-treating became popular in the United States. 

Orange and black are the traditional colors of Halloween;

orange represents the fall harvest while black represents

the dark.  In 2009 Halloween costume sales exceeded six

billion dollars with adult costumes making up 62% of sales.

Though trick-or-treating remains popular in more rural

areas and suburbs many urbanites have decided to host parties

with treats for guests. Candy sales for Halloween are 

expected to exceed two billion dollars with Candy Corn

usually taking top honors.

Have a fun and safe Halloween.

Trick or Treat ?


Bill Palmer