Photo Credit : Laszlo Ilyes      The Pantheon  Rome, Italy

Photo Credit : David Iliff              Trevi Fountain      Rome,Italy

Photo Credit : Joao Maximo          St. Peter's Square   Vatican City

Photo Credit : Larry Johnson          Coliseum        Rome, Italy     Roman Holiday 

 Everyone should at one time or another plan a visit to Rome. With it's rich 

history,architecture, and culture, Rome will keep you engaged during and 

long after any visit. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" is attributed to

St. Ambrose. The modern day interpretation might mean when in Rome

laugh, have fun, enjoy a fine wine, and a delicious, authentic Italian dinner.

The people of Rome are quite friendly and very outgoing. The best time to

visit Rome is really a matter of opinion but numerous visitors have indicated

the months of September and October seem to have the overall best weather

and slightly fewer tourist.

There are many wonderful accommodations to choose from in Rome. 



Bill Palmer