Photo Credit : Jeff Gunn                                      Bonaventure Cemetery

Photo Credit : Jeff Gunn                         Wormsloe State Historic Site

Photo Credit : Jeff Gunn                                                      Forsyth Park

Photo Credit : Jeff Gunn                                                       Forsyth Park

Photo Credit : Britt Reints

Photo Credit : J. Iannone

Photo Credit : Rex Pe                     Carriage Tours In Savannah

Photo Credit : Rex Pe          Homes In Savannah

Photo Credit : Rex Pe   Sgt. William Jasper Monument Madison Square Savannah 

                         Historic-Savannah, Georgia


The name Savannah is from a group of Shawnee Indians

who migrated to the area in the 1680's. Established in 

1733, Savannah was the colonial capital of the Province

of Georgia and later the first state capital of Georgia.

The Savannah historic district is one of the largest

National Historic Districts in the United States. Many

of the stately homes in Savannahs Historic District

were built prior to the Civil War.

The early Savannah economy had deep roots in

agriculture producing cotton, silk and sugar, and its

influences are still seen today.

The month of October may be the best month to visit

Savannah with moderate temperatures ranging from

55-76 degrees. 

Whatever your interests are (history, architecture, food,

gardening) Savannah has a mystical beauty and charm

that draws visitors from around the globe.