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Photo Credit : Evelyn Proimos                                     Ernest Hemingway House And Museum

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Photo Credit : Lisa Sanderson                                            Fort Jefferson On Dry Tortugas

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Photo Credit : Milan Boers         Key West Lighthouse One Of The Oldest In The Nation

Photo Credit : Lee Coursey                                         Civil War Era Cannon Balls


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Photo Credit : Rob Mercier             Key West - Florida

Laying approximately 129 miles south of Miami, Florida is Key West. The Spanish

name was Cayo Hueso which literally means "Bone Key". The reason given for this 

name, according to legend, is that Key West was littered with bones and was once 

a communal graveyard. During the 1600's, many a pirate sought his fortune off the coast of 

Key West and many ships along with their treasure were lost in these treacherous waters.

Although, today, you may not find pirates in these waters they have been replaced by

modern day treasure hunters seeking the spoils of these sunken vessels.

In 1920, the Casa Marina Resort opened its doors offering first class accommodations and

attracted many wealthy visitors. It was the dream of railroad magnate Henry Flagler,

who passed two years prior to its completion. A favorite of Presidents, Hollywood

celebrities, and the like, Casa Marina was instrumental in making Key West the 

popular destination it is today.  Key West has been home to many artist. Ernest Hemingway

was said to have written many novels in Key West. His home is now a museum open to the 

public. Tennessee Williams, who rented many homes in the U.S., owned but one, in

Key West .It is said Tennessee Williams wrote the first draft of Streetcar Named Desire while

 staying at the La Concha Hotel, in 1947. The waters of Key West offer some of the best

fishing in the world, with an abundance of shark, tuna, sailfish, snapper, tarpon, and grouper.

If you are a beach-goer there are beautiful white sandy beaches like Smathers Beach and

Higgs Beach. The beaches offer rental outlets where you can rent jet skis, umbrellas,

chairs, etc...

Key West has been a favorite selection among wedding planners, honeymooners, as well

as those just seeking some much needed rest and relaxation. Accommodations range from

the more modest to the most luxurious.

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