Photo Credit : Guillame Baviere

Photo Credit : Fawaz Al-Arbash

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Photo Credit : Denise Mayumi

Photo Credit : Denise Mayumi

Photo Credit :Abhijeet Rane                                            Statue Of Freddie Mercury

Photo Credit : Ryan Blith             Lake Geneva 

  One of the most beautiful locations in all of Europe, Lake Geneva is where

many in-the-know Europeans escape the heat of summer. Temperatures

in July and August, generally, are around 75 degrees during the day.

This top spot offers very delicious food and abundance of wonderful 

restaurants. Vegetarians need not worry, as vegetarian menu's are quite

common locally. The three most common languages in Lake Geneva are 

German, French, and English , and the natives tend to speak all three.

The Swiss are very law-abiding people and local laws should not be ignored.

(cross the street at the appropriate time etc...) Local points of interest include

The International Museum Of The Red Cross, Patek Philippe Museum, Chillon Castle,

and a host of other activities as well.  Lake Geneva is also a gambling mecca for

the jet-set crowd, and there are numerous casinos.

Whether it is a romantic get away or a sight-seeing tour, Lake Geneva will

thrill your senses.