Photo Credit : Ilan Molcho                                                                          Moroccan Camel

Photo Credit : Ilan Molcho

Photo Credit : Ilan Molcho

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Photo Credit : Ilan Molcho

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Photo Credit : semperidem                Magnificent Morocco

 The kingdom of Morocco is located in North Africa on the 

Mediterranean. Most people of Morocco live west of the

Atlas Mountains, a range that insulates the country from

the Sahara Desert.

Morocco's strategic location has at times defined it's history.

Morocco's has been occupied by Arab forces since the 

7th century, A.D.  The Alaouite Dynasty has ruled Morocco

since 1649, and claims direct descendants from the 

Prophet Muhammad.

Morocco  was the first country to seek diplomatic relations

with the Government of the United States in 1777. The

two countries negotiated a peace treaty in 1787; the treaty,

still in force, is the longest unbroken treaty-relationship in

U.S. history.

Morocco is the culinary star of North Africa. Couscous, 

granular semolina, is central to Moroccan cuisine and is often

cooked with spices, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. It makes a meal

in itself but is often served with rich stews and roasted meats.

Lamb is the principal meat eaten in Morocco.

           Points Of Interest For Morocco

The Citadel

Palacio El Badi

Marrakech Museum

Koutubia Mosque

Dar Si Said Palace

Menara Garden

Madraza Ben Yusuf

The Medina in Marrakech

Almoravid Dome

Royal Palace Of Fez (exterior only)

Dar el Makhzen Palace - Museum of Antiquities, and

Museum Of Moroccan Arts, Forbes Museum

Hassan II Mosque , Casablanca

Morocco vacations are popular with Europeans, especially

during winter months when they look to escape colder climates

for the warm Mediterranean weather,  the desert, however,

can get very cold at sundown. Accommodations range from the

modest to the more luxurious.