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Photo Credit : Jay Buangan          France A La Carte

 France refuses to define herself with one single

theme. Home to more than 62 million people,

France is a diverse country rich in art, history,

design, culture and culinary excellence.

    For generations, France has become for many

the location for the best wines. Bordeaux has been

referred to as the fine wine capitol of the world.

France produces about seven to eight billion bottles

of wine per year, and has been producing fine wine

since about the 6th century A.D.

Home to the the world famous Le Cordon Bleu, French

cuisine may know no rival  considering the 

assortment of sauces, cheese, truffles, and other delicacies

prepared by French chefs. From the corner cafe to fine

dining, a meal in France may prove to be your best ever.

From Haut Couture to French fashion designers , France 

has lead the way in fashion since about the 16th century and

even has many aspects embedded in French society today.

The French people enjoy universal health care coverage that

covers all who reside legally in France. In 2000, the World Health

Organization assessed France provided the best overall health

care in the world. The life expectancy in France is 81.  The

French also enjoy a minimum of 40 paid vacation days per year.

So, to say the French have a good healthy lifestyle may be an


Most seasoned travelers would recommend visiting France in 

either the spring or fall.

Points Of Interests

The Louvre Museum (one of the world's largest)

The Palace of Versailles

The Eiffel Tower

The Catacombs of Paris

Moulin Rouge

The Musée de L'Armée (The Museum of Army and Tomb of Napolean)

 Château de Chambord (Chambord Castle)

Mont Saint-Michel

Marne France - Dormans World War I Memorial