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Photo Credit : Randy Pertiet 

www.theglobaldigital.com     Wonderful West Virginia

 After a split from the state of Virginia, West

Virginia has the distinction of being the only state 

to secede from a confederate state (Virginia), during

the American Civil War. West Virginia is also known

as the Mountain State, and is located entirely within

the Appalachian Mountain Range. 

West Virginia has substantial historical significance

in timber,coal, and it's labor history.

The climate in West Virginia is one of humid summers

and mild winters except in higher elevations.

For many the best time of year to visit West Virginia

is the fall. The leaves are changing in the fall and West

Virginia has an abundance of Oak, Chestnut, Beech,and Maple

foliage just to name a few. West Virginia is known for many of

it's home-canned fruits and vegetables. Apple Butter

seems to be a favorite of the locals. We also found many

locals offering pizza bread with all the toppings of Pizza

but on crusty bread.  There were many variations to choose from.

Points Of Interest:

Tours Of Local Glass Makers (Fenton,Blenko,etc...)

Blackwater Falls State Park

Prickett's  Fort State Park

Harpers Ferry National Historic Park

Bavarian Inn located in  Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Carnegie Hall located in Lewisburg, West Virginia

We'll see you in "Almost Heaven", West Virginia...